Grumpy McGrumperson

17 August 1976
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I'm 30 and live Portland, Oregon. I recently moved here from the Bay Area (CA) where I lived all my life except when I went to college (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo). I've been married to a great guy, Jeremy, since October 2001.

I got my BS in Biology with a minor in Business. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I finished college, so I went to work in manufacturing at a biotech company that makes life saving drugs. I've been there over 7 years now. I'm a Technical Manager that used to be involved in process failure investigations, but now I'm on a leave of absence while they figure something out for me to do remotely (since the company is in CA and I don't live there anymore). It's a very cool company.

We just purchased our "dream" home in Oregon. We have one little girl - Emily Grace - born 10/24/04. She is the highlight and challenge of our lives.