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Jul. 20th, 2007



Hopefully at 12:01am I'll have in my hands the final Harry Potter book. *crosses fingers* I'm on an airplane this afternoon for a much-needed weekend dedicated to things making me happy where I don't have to worry about anyone but ME. Like hanging out with good friends, eating good food, reading good books, visiting stores that only exist in CA ...

I'm lucky that I have a husband who offers me these weekends away to rejuvenate. I'm hoping that Em will behave for him. She's been a monster lately. Maybe this weekend will give her a chance to reconnect with him because it's been all about "mama" lately. We've had to bribe her to get her to even say goodnight to Jer. Kids are weird, I guess.

The Bay Area had an earthquake last night. Jer said this morning, "maybe it's a precursor to a big one?!" Thanks, now I'm sure I won't have nightmares about spending a weekend there. I HATE earthquakes, but I'm sure that I'd hate tornadoes worse, so I guess it's not that bad.

Jul. 6th, 2007


Vacation update

There are a couple of pictures that describe our trip in a nutshell, so I won't bore you with all the details!

Jun. 29th, 2007


We're HOME

We had a fabulous, fabulous London vacation (which included a meeting with riceracer and his lovely family at Stonehenge). But no matter how good a vacation is, it's always so good to be home.

I foresee many new icons, pictures, and stories coming your way, but I need to catch up on a billion things first.

Jun. 9th, 2007


Stranger than Fiction

We actually got around to watching that second movie we rented last week: Stranger than Fiction. LOVED it.

I've discovered that as a mother, I don't find as much joy in watching movies and TV as I used to pre-motherhood. Now it always seems like there's something more important that I *should* be doing. I think that's why I'm so critical nowadays and really selective with my TV/movie watching (TiVo helps a lot).

We've rediscovered TV and movies this week, though, since Emily is refusing to nap and she is zonked out by 8pm. At least THREE HOURS to just ourselves before we go to sleep?! We had long forgotten what that was like, but we've quickly remembered. (Well, ok, not just TV and movies that we've rediscovered but that's just TMI.) We've been watching Robot Chicken every night, and y8s and whymikey, this is something that I would envision us watching together and laughing our asses if we still lived close. I miss those days of just goofing off after work.

It's raining again here in Portland, which is just so weird to me - to have rain in the heart of June. But I guess it's normal for this time of year. Everyone say that summer doesn't really start until July up here. Last weekend was 90 degrees. Today it didn't get over 60. My roses are laying in the dirt since they were weighed down with all the rain today. They are probably just as confused as I am.

I decided to update LJ while Jer does Em's nighttime routine tonight. It's nice to have a break. But I'm just saving up my energy since he'll be traveling for work all next week, and I will have to weather this parenting-storm all to myself.

Jun. 5th, 2007


Weekend Update

Friday night started with a trip to the local pizza place. Dinner with a 2.5-year-old is very fast because she does not sit still for one second! But the pizza was good (or at least I thought so - Jer wasn't convinced). Then we headed to Blockbuster to actually rent a movie or two. I don't know why because it's not like we actually sit down and watch them. But we had the best intentions.

Saturday was spent doing lots and lots of yard work. And it was like 90 degrees. I got a little burnt and yes, reportmetosocialservices, Emily's shoulders got a little pink, too. I was amazed at how much guilt I felt over that. But then Jer reminded me that I was not slathered in sunscreen until I put it on myself in high school and we still consider my Mom a "good" mom. So then I didn't feel *as* bad. The yard looks a lot better now and it felt so good to get things done.

We started The Holiday on Saturday night and said that we would call it a night at midnight regardless of whether or not the movie was over. Because face it, we have a small kid and midnight is the new 4am. Seriously. The movie was SO. SLOW. And cheesy. And I thought to myself, 'when did all movies get to be so horrible?' I'm sure when I was in high school, I would have loved it, but now I'm older and wiser...

Sunday was spent cleaning and grocery shopping. We got new neighbors across the street that are becoming fast friends. They are similar in age and they have to VERY cute boys - Em's age and a little younger. We decided to have them over for dinner. Cooking for 7 people is a lot of work. But I actually didn't mind it! nillyroo helped me get past my phobia of cooking for other people, and I have to say that the spaghetti turned out pretty damn good. The adults talked while the kids ran wild. It was fun, and we let the kids stay up later than usual. Which of course in hindsight isn't always a good idea because the preschool just called and Emily's asleep in her classroom.

We decided to finish The Holiday before calling it a night. Boy am I glad that those two hours of my life are over.

Time is winding down for our London vacation, and I still haven't planned a darn thing. I guess that's what the plane ride is for. Most pressing is next weekend's beach trip with nillyroo's family! WOOT!

And maybe - just maybe - we'll get to watch that second movie we rented...

May. 30th, 2007


This is an actual phone conversation

So, Friday is my Dad's wife's birthday, so I decided to order something from Edible Arrangements. She'll be working that day, so I called the local Edible Arrangements store in Milpitas, CA to make sure that they will deliver to her work. I could tell it was a teenager that answered right away (not that I dislike teenagers, but it's important to keep this in perspective for this situation, I guess). When I asked my question, she said she had to ask the manager - and she did. This is how the conversation continued:

Her: "Uh, yeah, we can deliver to the Great Mall."

Me: "Ok, Great! Should I order through you or online?"

Her: "You can order on the phone now. What is your name?"

Me: "Julie Thunker - spelled T as in Tom, H, U, N as in Nancy..."

Her: "C? Nancy?"

Me: "T-H-U-N-K-E-R"

Her: "Ohhh. Ok. What's your address?"

Me: "XXXXX Northwest - just N-W - Graf St - G as in George, R, A, F as in Frank" (I should have learned from the last time!)

Her: "Can you repeat the address? NW George Frank St? That's kind of long."

Me: "GRAF ST; G-R-A-F St."

Her: "Ohhhhhhhhh. What city?"

Me: "Portland"

Her: "WHERE?!!" (like Portland is some foreign country that nobody's ever heard of or something)

Me: "UM, I think I'll just order online - thanks!"

Did this really just happen? I am still in shock. If they mess up the order, I will be so pissed!

May. 27th, 2007


I'm a Goonie!

Ok, well not really. But we did go to Cannon Beach, OR yesterday - home of the Haystack Rock - which is very prominent in that movie. I felt like I was living a childhood dream.

It was a cloudy day, but it was a great day at the beach. All the vacationers were out for the long weekend. After two horrific days with Emily (can you say psychotic meltdown at the mall?) it was nice to have her back in all her glory:

And to further feed my pirate-loving adventures, we're off to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 this morning (Emily's staying with Grandma and Grandpa)...

May. 22nd, 2007



Things have been hectic. Sometimes I feel like it was easier to work full-time, commute, be a mom, and domestic...uh... servant. I had a better separation of things. Now, I do everything at home and it's hard to set priorities. Good news is that I'll go back to working in an office in July. And Em will have the option of staying at school longer. But then the guilt returns. I know I'm doing the right thing, but when I see those SAHMs in Starbucks with their cute kids in pigtails and they've had the time to shower, do their hair and makeup, I think, "why can't that be me?" I'm just not that person. And I need to get to that point where I accept it and KNOW I'm doing what's best for my family.

I had a great conversation with a friend of mine that's helped me deal with the terrible twos. I'm more patient now, but one thing I can't stand is when Emily physically hurts me. And it seems to happen all the time. I have so many bruises from her kicking and just plain clumsiness. I can pretty much handle her moods and her crying and her craziness until I get hurt. Then I flip. Does anybody else have this problem? Or is my kid just weird?

But mixed with the craziness are the good times: badminton in the backyard, snuggling in the big girl bed, an unprompted "I love you, Mama," calling Bono 'avocado,' and eating corn on the cob:

What are your "good times" this week?

May. 9th, 2007


like nails on a chalkboard

I've becoming to love craigslist more and more these days. I'm selling stuff. And I'm looking to buy stuff - mainly a china buffet and hutch. What amazes me is how many people are selling tables and chairs. Not just any tables: DINNING tables. Like every other table is a DINNING table. Could a table really be that loud?

We got overhead garage storage installed last weekend, and we've spent time cleaning out the garage and getting rid of stuff. I guess if I haven't seen it in a year, I don't really need it, right? It will be so nice to get it cleaned out so that we can maybe park both cars in there. During the summer it's not that bad, but during the winter it's hard to get your screaming, running toddler into the car when it's 30 degrees and pouring. We're getting there with the home projects. It feels SO good to get things done.

I won't get into it too much, but I'm suffering with a crazy toddler and it's driving me insane. 'Nough said.

Our trip to London is sneaking up on me, and I haven't taken the time to research where I want to go. So, homework for you travelers out there: If you had only 6 days to spend in London, what would you do? see? avoid? I need help deciding!

I wish that I could say that I'm reading something interesting, but I'm not. My mom gave me one of her crime/mystery novels, and I just can't get through it. I wish I could just forget about it, but I'm not the type of person that can just *not* finish a book. It's like stopping during the middle of a crap. It just can't happen. So, I'm looking forward to being done and starting my re-read of Harry Potters OOTP and HBP in preparation for book 7. But I think I just gave away my geeky side. Oops.

With that said:
1) what word when misspelled makes you cringe?
2) what is your greatest sense of accomplishment this week?
3) what is your favorite way to relax?
4) what is your favorite place to visit?
5) what is your favorite book? what book to you frequently recommend to others?

May. 3rd, 2007


I'm lost

I'm lost in the zoom of two new cars that want to take me lots of places even though gas is $300/gallon.

I'm lost in the gloom of a 7-month-long winter that is never ending (although hope is on the horizon).
I'm also lost in the gloom of female issues that will not go away. EVER.

I'm lost in the room of toys that does not clean itself up no matter how many times I wish upon a star.

I'm lost in the doom of parenting a 2.5 year-old monster toddler that has crazier emotions and a stronger will than I do.

I'm just lost in all respects.

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