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Hello LJ World!

So, I realize that I've been MIA in LJ-land... as in like half my pregnancy is gone and I've merely mentioned it in passing.

We had the big ultrasound on Friday and for those of you who don't know yet, we're having another GIRL. And we couldn't be happier! Now I have a use for all those clothes taking up storage space in our garage. Emily is very excited to have a little sister and looks at me and says, "mama, girls rock, huh?!" It's very cute. Most of the guys I know usually say, "But doesn't Jeremy want a boy?" Jeremy was actually outwardly rooting for another girl, while I was the one secretly hoping. It's not that we wouldn't have welcomed a boy, but we *know* how to raise a girl already and it would be neat for Em to have a sister. After all, Jer and I came from families with one girl and one boy each.

We had some cruddy weather for our big 3-day weekend, so we didn't do much. Not to mention that my back has been giving me some issues. We did have an incredible lightning and thunder storm roll through town that was pretty fantastic. But I'm glad that I don't have to suffer through those often. Even if I know thunder can't hurt me, that sound is SCARY.

Back to work. Because I have procrastinated WAY. TOO. LONG.


Congratulations to you and Jer! :-D
Welcome back! I hope we get to see you around the fourth of July.
Everyone I know that had a girl the first time wants a girl the second time around! Everyone being the two friends of mine that are preggers right now. The guys want girls, too, since they know what to expect and how to handle 'em.

June 2008

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