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So... two months later and here I sit. I even received a couple of nudges here and there wondering where the heck I've been (thank youblue_wisteria). Mainly the reason why I've been MIA is because I'm working full-time again and by the time I get home, get Em in bed, and relax a bit it's like midnight. And then I'm up at 6 (ok, maybe 6:30) and start all over. Some days I wonder why I wanted to work again. Some days I wonder what I did with my time when I didn't work. Most days I just try to figure out how to cope with a willful 3-year-old, work, keep up with the house, and still keep my sanity. Tonight, I've lost it.

In the past two months:
- Emily tried dance class and stopped dance class
- Jer's grandma visited
- Em's godmother visited
- Most of the trees have lost their leaves
- I started the gym again (one day *does* count)
- My back is miraculously gotten better to the tune of ONE Tylenol/day vs many ibuprofen/day
- Jer and I celebrated six years of marriage
- We potty-trained Em
- nillyroo and family came to visit
- I became the mother of a 3-yr-old

I still can't believe that Emily turned 3. And in Oregon fashion, it poured the day of her birthday party and we had to put the jump house in the garage. Her theme was "Cars." The lady at the cake place said that in all the years she's worked there, she's never seen a "Cars" cake for a girl. That's my Em - boy at heart. I even had a cute dress picked out for her party, but she wanted nothing to do with it. Here she is on the day of her birthday party:

I hope that I won't disappear for another two months. But I can't make any promises...


She has great hair.
Too bad she won't let me touch it! But yes, she has the *perfect* amount of curl and *perfect* thickness. It's not quite as crazy as her Mom's hair! ;)

June 2008

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